Adjustments and Manipulation

Spinal adjustments are among the most common chiropractic therapies. Many symptoms are caused by pressure on nerves, and chiropractic adjustments realign your vertebrae and joints. At his chiropractic practice in Burleson, TX, Dr. Don Haygood of Essential Wellness of Burleson provides expert chiropractic adjustments using a low-force technique. Adjustment_2.jpg

1. Recommended for Various Conditions

Spinal adjustments are effective for a range of acute and chronic conditions. The adjustments help with herniated discs, degenerative disc disorders, joint pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle stiffness and spasms, headaches, arthritis, and more. Patients notice a significant improvement in mobility after one treatment. Dr. Haygood recommends a series of treatments to ensure that the vertebrae or joint stays in place.

2. Relieves Common Symptoms

Back aches, neck pain, joint stiffness, shooting pains, and numbness are just some of the signs that you have inflammation around a nerve. Inflammation forms when a disc or joint is out of alignment. Spinal manipulations target the affected joint or vertebrae to release pressure on the nerve and remove the cause of inflammation.

3. Improves Healing

Having your spine or joints aligned increases blood flow to the tissues and stimulates cell formation. As a result, the area heals faster and with fewer complications. Dr. Haygood recommends chiropractic adjustments as part of your sports injury care, as well as rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.

4. Helps People of All Ages

Did you know that people of all ages benefit from chiropractic care? Newborns and infants benefit from chiropractic care as it ensures proper development of the spine and joints. Children’s bodies continue to develop well into their teen years, and chiropractic adjustments strengthen joints and vertebrae while protecting against injuries. For seniors, chiropractic adjustments reduce symptoms of arthritis and keep the body flexible.

5.  Gentle Spinal Alignment

Dr. Haygood specializes in a low-force adjustment technique that keeps you comfortable throughout the treatment. By gently easing the joints and vertebrae into place, he reduces the risk of secondary symptoms and soft tissue trauma.

Learn more about the benefits of spinal adjustments. Call Essential Wellness of Burleson today at (817) 371-2551. We will schedule an appointment with Dr. Haygood at our Burleson, TX, office.

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