Prenatal Chiropractic

Giving the Community Access to Quality Care 

At Essential Wellness of Burleson, TX, and the surrounding region, we're supplying the area access to quality holistic care. Our Dr. Don Haygood provides a range of services for patients, including massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and even prenatal chiropractic care. He's also a Diplomate of the Acupuncture Society of America (DASA), allowing him to provide care far beyond what a standard chiropractor can offer. 

Quality Always Exceeds Quantity Here 

At our Burleson, TX, practice, we give top priority to quality. Therefore, you get the time you need with us. We don't overbook and rush you. Genuinely, our goal is to target your problem to the best of our ability, and that begins with giving you the time you need and deserve. 

A Multi-Faceted Approach Makes the Difference 

As briefly noted, our chiropractor has the ability to treat a range of issues using an assortment of modalities. Our practitioner offers standard chiropractic treatments for people of all ages but can also provide prenatal chiropractic, which requires a bit more training and a customized approach for a safe pregnancy and delivery. 

When patients visit our practice, they may receive a number of treatment approaches. For instance, our chiropractor offers massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, and myofascial release to ease soft tissue tension and speed healing. All these modalities are minimally invasive and carry no risk of addiction. 

A visit to our practice will include a thorough evaluation. You may receive more than one treatment approach throughout your time with us. It's specifically geared toward your needs but can help address your problem from different angles. 

Pain Relief Is Our Specialty 

Pain relief is the core belief of our practice. Pain affects every area of a person's life, particularly during pregnancy. Not only does the additional weight burden the lower back and force other muscles to overwork themselves, but the hormones released in preparation for childbirth weaken joints and ligaments. However, prenatal chiropractic care allows us to relax overworked muscles and correct subluxations that may be interfering with nerve signals.  

Dr. Haygood of Essential Wellness of Burleson, TX, serving Burleson, TX, and the surrounding region, offers an array of services, including prenatal chiropractic. Our practitioner firmly believes in the power pain relief has on you and will be sure to create a plan for your needs. 

Call us at 817-371-2551. 

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