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Acupuncture involves more than just the obvious symptoms of a patient.  Acupuncturists evaluate all of the five senses, the manner in which the patient speaks, what he or she talks about, Chinese pulses and takes into account factors that may not necessarily be factors that Western doctors value as being important.  Many times, our physical pain comes as a result of an emotional imbalance rather than an actual injury or illness.  Acupuncture is now a widely accepted form of treatment especially for back and neck pains.

Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating mental and emotional problems

Ancient texts describe the use of the so-called ghost points for what Europeans would have labeled possession by demons, or what is now recognized as dementia, psychosis, or schizophrenia. To treat you needle a series of 13 points sequentially. The window of the sky points, located on the neck and base of the skull treat symptoms like confusion, mania, or seizures. These treatments are particularly effective when blood flow to the brain is obstructed, by arteriosclerosis, for example.

Emotional balancing can be an unexpected benefit of standard acupuncture. People who seek treatment for a simple orthopedic problem often report that they are not yelling at the kids anymore, their insomnia is gone, or their mood has lifted.


Dr. Haygood is also a certified Reiki Master. Reiki therapy is a complementary therapy which works synergistically with acupuncture to restore the balance of chi to the body meridians and restore health.


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