"Dr. Haygood, I simply will not allow anyone else to work on this ole bod except for YOU!  I trust you because you simply know what you're doing, plus you truly care and empathize with people.  I have been to several chiropractors over the years, and I can truthfully say YOU ARE THE BEST one I've ever been to. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet you and receive treatment from you!  Unlike many others, you have a very gentle approach. And you live the maxim:  "First, do no harm."  Thank you so very much for all you do." -  Joanie G., Ft. Worth, Tx.

"At 34, I was diagnosed with RA and told the only options were increased pain medication and shoulder surgery.  I tried many options in physical therapy, medications and simple surgeries to relieve the constant pain.  After over a year of alternate therapies that left me with increased pain,  decreased movement and an almost constant nerve pain that became a feeling of rolling fire  moving down my arm I decided to try acupuncture.  I was skeptical and unsure. My first appointment was life changing. Dr Don placed me at ease. He walked me though the chiropractic adjustment.  Then he eased my fear about the acupuncture and needles.  After the first session, the burning decreased, the tingling was almost completely gone. The second and third sessions completely relieved the burning fire that rolled down my arm.  I return to my doctor after 6 sessions, my medications were completely discontinued and he said "it's a miracle, keep doing what you are doing".    A year later I am still without the nerve pain and shoulder pain. I have not had a shoulder replacement.  I gained strength back in my shoulder and arm. Thanks to Dr Don I am able to live my life the way I want, without pain and limitation. Dr Don gave me my Life back". -Rebecka,  Burleson Tx.


"My son was diagnosed with PTSD when he was 5. Over the years we have been to numerous psychologists, counselors, and tried countless different medications to ease his anxiety. As his mother I felt helpless as I watched him move through his childhood without emotion (other than the occasional rage driven fits he suffered). We were encouraged to come see you and felt like we had nothing to lose, although neither of us were convinced acupuncture would help. After his first week of treatment by you he began having flashbacks, a breakthrough we had given up hope on years ago. He has been a patient of yours for only a few short weeks and yet his grades have risen to a 3.7 GPA, he is making huge progress is dealing with his past and for the first time since he was a small boy I hear him genuinely laugh - a miracle I have prayed for since his tragic incident took from me the happy little boy I knew. Thank you Dr. Haygood for giving my son a chance at the future he deserves and for restoring my hope for him to find peace!"- Cheryl, Collyville Tx.

"Dr. Haygood is by far the best chiropractor that I've visited in the Burleson area. He is extremely thorough and knowledgable with excellent bedside manners."-Jennifer R.


"I just finished my very first acupuncture session with Dr. Don Haygood!! I have never been so stress free!! I cant describe the experience except to say everyone needs to try it once!! Call the Ritz and schedule an appointment!! Dr Haygood is kind, patient and more than happy to answer all questions."- Jeremy R., Crowley, Tx.


"I have a tear in my tendon on my right arm from a TDap shot. I also have Fibromyalgia. I had lost all hope of having use of my arm. Then I saw an accupucture web page & called Dr. Haygood. I couldn't believe the difference. I saw significant improvement in one treatment . After going several times a week & then once a month for maintance I had regained the use of my arm. For those of you that are scared of needles as I was~~~ No need to fear . They are so tiny you don't really feel them. All you have to lose is pain!"- Terri, Burleston Tx.

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